The birth of The Emerald brand began with two friends who both yearned for a place to collaborate as women and network within the local community to build businesses, brands and relationships. Through this process, Abby and Ashlyn noticed there was a strong need for women to connect with one another on a deeper level through curated events and a sense of community.  

Ashlyn, a mother of three, and Abby, a new mother of one, found the deepest connections they were building were between other mothers in the community. The blessing of motherhood coupled with their desire to bring these connections and events to a larger audience began to pull at their heart strings. They realized The Emerald would be the perfect platform to begin serving the need of other mamas in the community. They refocused their brand to begin creating unique opportunities for mothers to connect through more in-depth conversations and experiences related to finding support and personal successes in all areas of life.  

Through their love of their children, and their expertise in marketing, events and business development, Abby and Ashlyn took their once solely business focused brand, and evolved The Emerald into a supportive community of mother’s who are eager to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish, and provide their children and themselves with opportunities to fill and uplift their soul.